Responsible Economic Development 

A century ago, Pittsburgh’s labor movement took the brutal conditions created by the industrial revolution and, through decades of struggle, turned those conditions into well-paying manufacturing jobs that paved the way for many to move into the middle class through the safeguards of unionization. As we have transformed into a region of high technology, world class educational institutions and healthcare systems, we need to ensure that the accompanying economic divide is mitigated. Pittsburgh needs a new economy, an economy that everyone can comfortably participate in and benefit from. To help foster this government should:

- Help the labor movement in addressing all entities that obstruct the right of all workers to form a union.

- Address past discriminatory practices of labor unions toward minorities in their recruitment, promotions, and protections.

- Refrain as a city from assigning new business to contractors paying under $15/hr. and stipulate contract renewals contingent upon wage increases.

- Foster a “Pittsburgh First” culture, the source hiring of Pittsburgh high school, trade school and college graduates by corporations and other businesses.

- Promote ethnically and culturally diverse businesses, particularly minority- and women-owned businesses, and provide contractual oversight of MBE/WBE participation.



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