Mayoral Campaign Platform


Building One Pittsburgh

Campaign Pillars & Platform for John C. Welch

Purpose of Mayoral Candidacy: To have the opportunity to make Pittsburgh the kind of city where everyone can flourish and find their place.


Campaign Pillars & Platform:

1. Creating a Safe City

a. Develop ethnic diversity within the police force through recruitment and promotions.

b. Build responsible communities with community stakeholders and institutions.

c. Continue to improve relations between law enforcement and the community.

d. Promote the safety of policing.


2. Building Fair, Equitable and Green Communities

a. Promote comprehensive community planning across all 90 city neighborhoods.

b. Increase affordable housing and responsible home ownership.

c. Support Environmental Friendliness.

d. Use tax abatements responsibly.

e. Foster community/developer transparency.

f. Provide fresh, affordable, accessible, and healthy food.


3. Investing in Public Education

a. Support the development of community schools.

b. Foster educational partnerships with corporations.

c. Restore community assets for child development.

d. Support school and neighborhood retention practices.


4. Responsible Economic Development

a. Support the development of main street businesses.

b. Encourage living wage job opportunities.

c. Prioritize "Pittsburgh First" source hiring of Pittsburgh graduates and residents.

d. Promote ethnically and culturally diverse businesses.


For more information on Rev. Welch’s campaign, visit



PO Box 100216


Pittsburgh, PA 15233


Phone: 412-228-0279