LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Consider this important contrast in mayoral candidates

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Consider this important contrast in mayoral candidates

March 6, 2017 12:00 AM

At a recent candidates’ forum Mayor Bill Peduto was asked why he had dropped the city’s suit against UPMC over its tax-exempt status. In his response the mayor proposed that his action enabled the city to partner with UPMC. The Rev. John C. Welch, who is challenging the mayor in the May primary, began his remarks by recalling his arrest while assisting UPMC workers to organize a union. The stark contrast was instructive for this voter.

The mayor ably rehearsed the history of public-private partnerships in moving the city forward during times of challenge. But a democrat (or Democrat) might wonder about the wisdom of allowing our corporate masters (be they USX or UPMC) so powerful a role in shaping our city — especially when the result is a Pittsburgh that is livable for some but clearly not for all.

In calling for equitable, sustainable and livable communities in all of our 90 neighborhoods — with community/​developer transparency lacking under the present administration — Rev. Welch is again providing a valuable and instructive contrast that deserves voters’ attention.

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