A Safe City for All

Pittsburgh has long struggled with police and community relations. All residents deserve to feel safe and secure in their homes and in public; all police officers deserve to be protected and fully supported. As the head chaplain of the Pittsburgh Police Department for 8 years, I know well the delicate and critical task of building a Pittsburgh Police Department that looks like and is accountable to the people of Pittsburgh as well as the stress our officers carry daily. I will work to ensure:

- Police officer compensation is comparable to other surrounding municipalities so that we can retain those we recruit and train.

- Provide sufficient funding and support for the work of the Citizen Police Review Board, to promote robust and fair civilian oversight of police activity, sustaining community trust.

- Develop respectable levels of ethnic diversity within police, fire and EMS through recruitment and promotions.

- Continue to improve relations between law enforcement and the community.


-Ensure that Pittsburgh is a leader in providing inclusivity to all, regardless of race, gender and sexual orientation, building on my work supporting equal rights in Pittsburgh and across the country.


-Ensure full enforcement of existing city and state legislation forbidding contractors from discriminating against individuals based on their race, gender and sexual orientation. Proactively identify contractors that are backsliding in their commitments to equality under the new administration.


-Devote resources to outreach to and placement of at-risk homeless adults and youth of any race, gender and sexual orientation, in affordable housing.


-Attract businesses and residents by marketing Pittsburgh as an inclusive and tolerant city, highlighting our affordable housing stock as a particular asset often lacking in other inclusive cities.



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